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Travel Tips

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Glastonbury if you are travelling internationally is to fly into Bristol.  From Bristol you can take a bus to Glastonbury which takes about 1.5 hours.  

If you are travelling to Glastonbury from London or from Heathrow airport there is a bus operated by Berrys Coaches which will take you directly to Glastonbury from Hammersmith Bus station, the website is here


The most common route for accommodation in Glastonbury is to use airbnb. There are many fine places to stay with good hosts.  We would recommend booking well ahead of time as Glastonbury is a popular town with many events on throughout the year.


Nearby Attractions

For anyone who is visiting Glastonbury for the first time at the conference, we would recommend you stay in the town for at least two additional days.  Glastonbury has many great things to see and do.  For the spiritual traveller there are many sights.  Taking the Pilgrim's walk up the Tor is a must see, as well as a dip in the Pagan White Springs and a visit to the Chalice Well (Red Springs).  The Abbey is worth a visit for it's stark beauty, Abbot's kitchen, grave of King Arthur and Gueneviere and lovely gardens.   See our page
about for more info on Glastonbury and it's history.

Also within the heart of central Glastonbury is the

renowned Library of Avalon , the largest public esoteric

library in Europe.   Housing books on all matters of

esoteric subjects it is a must see for the occult

Wells Cathedral in the nearby town of Wells is generally regarded as being one of the three most beautiful cathedrals in England, the other two being Durham Cathedral and Westminster Abbey in London.  Wells Cathedral has an evensong where a choir sings hymns that within the space itself is sublime.

Within driving distance to Glastonbury are the famous Stonehenge and Avebury (these are day trips in themselves) and within Somerset and nearby Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall there are many breathtaking neolithic and bronze age sites such as stone circles, longbarrows, sacred wells and castles.  This website has an extensive map.


The George and Pilgrim's is a late 15th century Inn built to accommodate pilgrims and travellers.  It's rustic charm is worth seeing and their food is traditional hearty pub fare. 

Excalibur cafe on Glastonbury high street has incredibly delicious raw and organic food options.

For something very English and traditional the Glastonbury Tea Rooms just opposite the Abbey put on delicious tea and scones in West Country  style - with clotted cream.  They also offer healthy traditional English fare.


For the alchemy and occult enthusiast they may find themselves in heaven.  Look no further than the main street of Glastonbury for it's stunning abundance of shops selling a wide variety of spiritual paraphernalia.  Crystal shops, Wicca supply stores, esoteric book name it, Glastonbury has it!


Glastonbury has various Spiritual events on all the week (and year) round.  The local free publication "The Oracle" can be found in shops all over town (just ask for it).  It contains listings of all the events that occur for the coming month (and there are a lot of them!)...meditation circles, shamanic drumming circles, Tantra classes, Pagan name it, there is always something going on in the town.

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