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Speakers, Performers
& Conference Staff

Here's a little bit about our amazing presenters.

Please note  appearing speakers can be subject to change.

Gary St. Michael Nottingham

Alchemist | Sorcerer | Author


Having grown up on on the Welsh Border Gary became involved in a local coven during his teen years and early twenties.  Following the the conjuration of a spirit, and asking it for help that manifested when he least expected it, he subsequently became involved with a group of practising alchemists. 

Gary has spent his life studying, practising and helping promote the Western mystery traditions.  Having organised the fabled Ludlow Esoteric Conferences (2004-09), run occult study groups and several free workshops on various occult artes.  He has also produced the Verdelet magazine and has written fourteen occult books.  Many of them have been published by Avalonia as the Foundations of Practical Sorcery series.  His own alchemical practice and study focuses on the works of Hollandus, Paracelsus and Valentine, the 17th century astrology of William Lilly, the Solomonic cycle of grimoires and the Holy Kabbalah.

When not gazing at flasks, reading,writing or working on a magical project can be found playing chess or enjoying the garden.

Dr. Robert Plimer

Alchemist | Author | Teacher


Robert Anderson Plimer is a practising hermeticist and alchemist (life-time member of the Alchemy Guild), author (Decoding Alchemy, the quadrilogy on Hermetic Philosophy and The Alchemical World of Edward Kelley), lecturer & teacher (in Classics and Philosophy to post-grad.) as well as being a gifted musician and composer.  Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland Robert spent time abroad and in Egypt developing his interests in the Classics of Western Culture which led him to alchemy, magic and the western mysteries.

Robert lectures to societies and individual groups on a variety of alchemical, hermetic and occult subjects. Robert has a thorough knowledge of ancient and modern symbolism and is consulted by various organisations regarding ancient texts and manuscripts.

In 2007 ​Robert founded and currently runs his Hermetic enterprise Courtyard Alchemy on the Isle of Wight, publishing books and running regular workshops and lectures.

David Cypher

Cunning Man | Renaissance Magician

David's magical heritage was rooted in his family who were dowsers, although he received his primary magical training through a coven in Buckinghamshire and then later a coven in Somerset.  

David focuses mainly on the practical work of Renaissance magic.  He has developed over the last 25 years a solid practice in the Solomonic cycle,  Kabbalah, the work of Agrippa, Franz Bardon and enjoys researching and working with Renaissance geomancy.  In the past, David has written articles on the Shemhamforash angels and spirit contact in Verdelet Magazine.

Outside of his work tutoring people in the magical arts, David is also a fully qualified teacher and counsellor.  A local to Glastonbury, he is currently continuing studies in alchemy and herbal medicine.  

Sian Humphries

Witch |  Teacher


Sian is a traditional witch and founder of DragonOak coven in Wales, training witches in the magical arts and running workshops with many speakers over the last 25 years.

Sian has an active interest in all things magical, being a devotee of Hekate and Hermes. Sian has studied astrology for many years and is currently undertaking a MA in Cultural astrology and cosmology at the University of Wales.


Sian’s interest in working with plant spirits led her to investigate the work of Charubel, a Welsh astrologer and alchemist who developed a type of alchemical system for working with plant and mineral spirits. This system is now leading people into alchemy and is in its own right a pathway to developing relationships with the Green Folk.

Benjamin D. Turale

2018 Conference Director

Alchemist / Hermetic Magician


Benjamin is an initiated alchemist and fully qualified psychotherpist living in Glastonbury.  Originally from Australia, he found his way into alchemy through early interests in philosophy, the Western Mysteries and through his psycho-therapeutic training.  He completed his alchemical studies through his ongoing mentor and current President of the Alchemy Guild, Mr. Dennis William Hauck.

Benjamin divides his time currently between being a teacher on the alchemy study program and his role as Director of Education for the Alchemy Guild.  In Glastonbury he runs an alchemy meetup and volunteers at the Library of Avalon, the largest public esoteric library in Europe.  He runs workshops teaching people herbal alchemy and Hermetics.  His current interest is on the marriage of Alchemy and Solomonic Magic.   In his spare time he also writes, produces and performs ambient electronic music under his moniker Primum Ens. 

Performers & Conference Staff

"When we listen with our hearts, we hear the song of Creation.

When we speak with our hearts, the whole of Creation hears our greatest truth."

Billy the Celt

Bard of Glastonbury 2017-2018


Billy the Celt is a well known local figurehead of Glastonbury.  Originally hailing from Scotland he was appointed Glastonbury's Official Bard of the college of Ynys Witrin at the annual Barding competition in 2017 and will be serving his current post until St. Dunstan's day 2018, when a new bard is appointed in the evening of Day 1 of the conference.   

Billy ran a successful radio show in Glasgow in the early 2000s called "Live and Local".  In the 1990's he founded a network of musicians linking eastern and western cultures under a common environmental cause, using music from many different languages to illuminate environmental issues.  This culminated in a tour going through 17 countries in 2 months on the Sustainable Europe Tour where he sold over 6000 albums.   Currently Billy is working on a culture cafe - a gallery space where the focus is on sharing healthy vegetarian food, music, poetry, crafts and arts.  Billy will be opening the conference and honouring St. Dunstan with a poem dedicated to him.

Ashton Turale

Harpist / Alchemist

2018 Conference Co-ordinator

Ashton is a harpist and initiated alchemist living in Glastonbury.  Ashton has received training in person-centred counselling and is passionate about exploring the links between therapy, spirituality and magic ritual.  Her other interests include yoga, meditation and tantra for women.

Ashton will be performing a selection of traditional Celtic music on day 3 of the conference, accompanying the coagulation of the tincture being made at close the event.

Karen Strunks

Conference  Team Member

Rebel Businesswoman


Karen is a speaker, mentor and author.  Since escaping from the rat race, she's refused to march to the beat of anyone else's drum again. She has spent the last 12 years running her own businesses and helping 1000s of people around the world with their life, business and spiritual success and happiness.

Her work has been featured in print, TV and radio such as The Guardian, BBC, Radio 4, Time Out NYC, The Telegraph, BBC Radio Wales. She regularly speaks at conferences, events and lectures at universities on entrepreneurship, business, leadership, money and spirituality.

Pauna Paunova is a Glastonbury based hypnotherapist and regression therapist. Originally from Bulgaria, Pauna moved to London to pursue a degree in Psychology and it is where she eventually completed her training in Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression.

In her private therapy practice she helps people using a combination of healing methods including energy healing, intuitive counselling, hypnosis, sound & crystal healing as well as the Tarot.  Pauna other interests include yoga, playing music and travel.

Conference Team Member


Pauna Paunova


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