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Day 1, Saturday 19th May

8:30am - Arrivals and registration 

9:00am - Benjamin Turale, Conference Director.​

Official Welcome

9:20 - Billy the Celt, Current Bard of Glastonbury.

Official Opening, poetry and music

9:45 - Dr. Robert Plimer

"The Graeco-Egyptian and Hermetic Background to Alchemy"

11:15 - Short break

11:30 - Gary Nottingham
"Basil Valentine & His Five Considerations"

1:00pm - 2:00pm - Lunch

2:05pm  - David Cypher
"The Pauline Arte"

3:05pm - Short break

3:15pm - Sian Humphries

"The Plant Sigils of Charubel"

5:00pm end of Day 1

Day 2, Sunday 20th May

9:00am - 12:00pm - Gary Nottingham

"The Arte of Talismanic Magic: Their Care, Construction and Enchantment"

This workshop includes an enchantment of an alchemical tincture that will be distributed on Day 3.

12:00 - 1pm Lunch

1:05pm Dr.  Robert Plimer 

"John Dee, Sir Edward Kelley's Alchemy & Count Rosemberg's Bohemia"

2:35 - Short break

2:45pm  - David Cypher 
"Renaissance Geomancy" 
 (All who wish to participate should bring a dice, paper and a pen)

4:45pm - Short break

4:55pm - Open Panel Discussion ​
"Q & A from the Audience"

6pm end of Day 2, networking and stalls continue until 6.30pm

Day 3, Monday 21st May
Full Day Workshop

10:00am - Benjamin Turale

Day workshop - "Introduction to Herbal Alchemy"


- How to make an Alchemical Herbal Tincture (spagyric) from start to finish

- The Emerald Tablet

- Alchemical Meditation

All participants will take away a free tincture of their own, that has also been enchanted in the ritual on the morning of Day 2.

Day session includes breaks and practical demonstrations of basic lab equipment. 
Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a notepad and pen.


If participants wish to start their own tincture they can also optionally bring

- a canning jar
- 25 grams of a dried herb they wish to use medicinally or magically

- 500mls of brandy.

5pm - Harp performance by Ashton Turale
Tincture is coagulated


6.00 pm - Conference Concludes

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